Here are some compiled resources for your use. These will variously apply to the 10th grade World History, AP US History and AP World History courses that I teach. (See the website footer for teacher resources like graphics.)

Research Sources

Here are some recommended starting places for valid historical sources for your research.


Chicago Format - Purdue OWL

Here's a video I made modeling the citation style I'm looking for. It's focused on a particular APUSH assignment that we did, but it will also apply to my other courses.

Of Additional Interest

  1. Historical Fiction - Works of G.A. Henty - These are historical fiction novels written from the British perspective in the 1800s. Understand that, since they come from over 100 years ago, there will be quite a lot of issues that make these difficult to use as actual sources. If you are critical of his writing and understand the biases that he operates with (e.g., there are a lot of "savages" and that sort of thing), they can be good study materials that have a story.
  2. Podcast - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - the episodes are long, but the content is fantastic, and the analysis is wonderful. They go into detail, consult multiple sources, and bring all of those fascinating details from history to you that you normally don't get time to discover. Please note: The content can be raw, and thus inappropriate or undesired by some listeners.