Syllabus Update

Please note that the following changes are made to my syllabus from last semester. This is to address accountability problems and to help students stay on track and learn to stay on track earlier in the semester, rather than waiting until the end to realize how far behind they are. The original policy was that all late work was accepted for up to 75% credit any time in the semester. The new policy is as follows.

Late Policy
  • Late work will only be accepted up to four weeks after it was due.
  • The late penalty is now 40% of the assignment’s value off the top.


  • A 10 point assignment turned in late that would have scored an 8 will earn a 4.
  • A 10 point assignment turned in late that would have scored 10 will earn a 6.

A late assignment that would earn zero credit after the penalty must be redone. For example, a 10 point assignment turned in late that would have earned a 3 will have to be redone. The original four week window still applies.

All excused absence, school event absences, and unexcused absences will follow the original policy as before. Please see my syllabus at for further details.

History Paper Guidance


Welcome back! In many of my classes, I will be giving out research paper details for the semester project. Here are a few things to keep in mind, especially the top reasons for negative comments on papers:

Make sure you take a look at the History Handbook here on my website for more details about how to do this well, both in terms of your writing and the process of research. A lot of similarities exist between what I wrote and what's in this document.

Mr. E Returns

I'm back

Ready or not, here I come. We have a lot of work to do and very little time to do it. Let's get everything in order as quickly as possible to wrap up the semester.

Thanks for being understanding about the fact that I've been out on paternity leave. It's not a time to catch up on my grading, but I did some anyway. Everything that wasn't graded will be, when it's graded. Just check Canvas for updates.

Constitution Day Essay Contest: 2019

View the below flyer and the attached rules for information about this year's Constitution Day Essay Contest, open to all Soldotna High School students. Submissions can be sent to for consideration! Get them turned in by September 17th, 2019. Winners will be announced on September 19th.