APUSH Review - 1 Day Remaining

The Test is Tomorrow!

Tonight, don't stay up all night cramming!

Instead, trust that all of the studying that you have done thus far is going to sever you well. Look back over your outlines from a few days ago, and look back at your focus lists. Practice your mnemonic devices. Finally, prepare some food for tomorrow morning (set aside what you're going to throw into your eggs in the morning so that you aren't digging around in the cheese drawer all bleary eyed five minutes before you have to leap into your car and speed to the school).


You will be extremely tempted to stay up all night trying to cram, but in reality, this will only harm you. Get a full eight hours of sleep, and your brain will be far more awake and capable of retrieving information and constructing your written responses.


If at first you don't succeed, shut up. Succeed.


APUSH Review - 2 Days Remaining

2 Days Left

Just two days left!

Have a look at the APUSH Course and Exam Description, and leaf through the theme pages. This begins on page 10 of the PDF. As you're doing so, periodically pick one of the themes and see if you can think of examples throughout the time periods that we have studied. Make sure to consider a healthy mix - don't pick examples from early periods for the early themes and late periods for the end of the list. Mix them up.

APUSH Review - 3 Days Remaining

3 Days Left

Look back at the focus lists that you made for each of the units throughout the last three weeks. Review each of them in detail, and create mnemonic devices for chains of events, patterns, and things of that nature that you are afraid that you won't be able to remember.

APUSH Review - 4 Days Remaining

4 Days Left

Practice outlining a DBQ. There is an example DBQ in the back of the AMSCO book that we used for our discussion/debate on 5/3 (regarding the Progressive Era). Take a look at it, and write out a full thesis statement in response, and write down some notes of how you would use the documents. You can write out the whole essay if you would like (it should take no more than an hour), but at the very least outline all of your points.

APUSH Review - 5 Days Remaining

5 Days Left

Time to practice your LEQ skills for the next couple of days. Do not be afraid to also review content. Both are critical for obvious reasons!

Prompt: Explain the reasons why a new conservatism rose to prominence in the United States between 1960 and 1989.


Format for LEQ: CAUSATION Essays


  2. Thesis. Your thesis should clearly identify at least TWO causes for the historical phenomenon in the prompt, and identify at least TWO effects if the prompt requests effects.

  3. Body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that is a supporting argument about a single cause or effected based on your thesis. Note which causes are short-term and which are long-term as you present them. Follow with evidence (facts, vocab terms). Make sure as you use each piece of evidence that it is clear how it supports the topic sentence. If necessary, use the words: “This evidence supports the argument that short-term cause/effect X contributed to/resulted from…”

  4. Finally, do not forget to conclude. Attempt to rewrite and rephrase your thesis so that if the first attempt at the beginning of the essay doesn't cut it, you have a decent shot at it here.

Suggested Overall Composition

Each Body Paragraph’s Composition

  1. Thesis

  2. Body Paragraph 1 – Cause 1

  3. Body Paragraph 2 – Cause 2

  4. Body Paragraph 3 – Effect 1 (if required)

  5. Body Paragraph 4 – Effect 2 (if required)

  6. Conclusion

  1. Topic sentence arguing for a cause or an effect

  2. Evidence 1 (short-term cause/effect)

  3. Evidence 2 (short or long term cause/effect)

  4. Evidence 3 (short or long term cause/effect)