AP Test Updates

Everyone looks like this right now

We now have some important information about the exams administered during 2020. Here are the critical details and changes:

  • Testing Method
    • You can take the exam on phone OR computer (you cannot use both simultaneously except as described below)
    • Submissions will be either:
      • typed on a computer
      • or handwritten, then photographed and uploaded on a phone
      • Other option: open test on computer, write response on paper, photograph on mobile device, copy to computer, upload on computer
      • Note: test responses must be uploaded from the same device the question is accessed from
    • Your time will have to be tracked
  • Test Questions
    • APUSH will have a single DBQ question
    • APGOV will have the argumentative essay for 25 minutes, and the concept application essay for 15. There will be five minute answer upload periods between each
  • Rubric Adjustments (more details coming on 4/3)
    • APUSH: Documents reduced for DBQ from 7 to 5
      • Revised rubric that offers points for other things since you have fewer docs
    • APGOV: one of the more difficult points has been removed due to the timeframe, and an easier point has been added
  • Test Security
    • Students are not allowed to seek help from others
    • Technology and tools to detect impersonation and collaboration will be in place, consequences will be severe
      • Students who cheat (or conspire to cheat between now and the test) will have that noted on all of their test results when they're sent to colleges
    • Teachers will receive copies of your exams, which enable us to ensure that it matches your skill, ability, and handwriting
  • Other Details
    • Test results can be used for an in-class grade, as teachers will be given access
  • Test Dates
    • All exams will take place between 5/11 and 5/22, and makeup dates will be 6/1 - 6/5.
    • Take the test during the early window in case ANYTHING goes wrong (dead battery, wifi goes out, computer crashes, etc) the first attempt
Course Questions Test Date

One DBQ Question with 5 Sources

Exam Covers Units 1-7

5/15, 10 AM (Alaska Time)

25 Minutes: Argumentative Essay

5 Minute: Upload your response

15 Minutes: Concept Application FRQ

5 Minute: Upload your response

Exam Covers Units 1-3

5/11, 12 PM (Alaska Time)

AP Reading notes: The reading will be done digitally this year. Next year, unless CDC guidelines forbid, the in-person reading will happen as per usual.

Good luck to us all!!!!

For my students:

I will be doing live Zoom lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:00am starting next week. A schedule will be published shortly. All lessons will be recorded.

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