APGOV & APUSH Exam Question Types

As of yet, we still do not know what the AP Exam question types will be. As a result, in my classes we will focus on wrapping up the content that will be covered on the exam and will also start preparing review materials in case the early test date is something you want to participate in.

Currently, the video lessons put out by AP are not coming from periods that are tested, but they are good for context and for concept application (among other things) for each of the exams. I still highly recommend you watch them, as they are free and of high quality.

I am watching the following two rows for my courses on the AP Updates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus page.

You will have updates as soon as I do. Sorry for all of the stress.

In the meantime, find something relaxing to do. I teach history, so my first suggestion is going to be to find a nice documentary, sit down with a cup of coffee or tea or orange juice (whatever makes you happy), and just watch for a while.