APUSH Review - 1 Day Remaining

The Test is Tomorrow!

Tonight, don't stay up all night cramming!

Instead, trust that all of the studying that you have done thus far is going to sever you well. Look back over your outlines from a few days ago, and look back at your focus lists. Practice your mnemonic devices. Finally, prepare some food for tomorrow morning (set aside what you're going to throw into your eggs in the morning so that you aren't digging around in the cheese drawer all bleary eyed five minutes before you have to leap into your car and speed to the school).


You will be extremely tempted to stay up all night trying to cram, but in reality, this will only harm you. Get a full eight hours of sleep, and your brain will be far more awake and capable of retrieving information and constructing your written responses.


If at first you don't succeed, shut up. Succeed.