APUSH Review - 6 Days Remaining

6 Days Left

Time to practice your LEQ skills for the next couple of days. Do not be afraid to also review content. Both are critical for obvious reasons!

Prompt: Evaluate the extent to which the Civil War fostered change in the United States economy in the period from 1861 to 1900.


Format for LEQ: Change and Continuity Over Time Essays


  2. Thesis. Your thesis should clearly identify changes (perhaps in a single sentence) and continuities (in another sentence). Make sure you note the time period (years) and setting somewhere in the first paragraph.

  3. Body Paragraphs. Start with your topic sentence arguing a specific continuity or change. Next, explain what LED TO OR CAUSED the change or continuity. Then present EVIDENCE (facts, vocab words) to support your topic sentence.

  4. Finally, do not forget to conclude. Restate and rephrase your thesis to ensure that you have the best possible chance of earning that point.

Suggested Overall Composition

Each Body Paragraph’s Composition

  1. Thesis

  2. Change Type 1

  3. Change Type 2

  4. Continuity

  5. Conclusion

  1. Topic sentence in which a continuity OR change is identified.

  2. Explanation of the CAUSES of the continuity or change.

  3. Evidence 1 (with explanation of how it supports topic sentence)

  4. Evidence 2 (with explanation of how it supports topic sentence)

  5. Evidence 3 (with explanation of how it supports topic sentence)