APUSH Review - 7 Days Remaining

One week left!

7 Days Left

Time to practice your LEQ skills for the next couple of days. Do not be afraid to also review content. Both are critical for obvious reasons!

Prompt: Choose TWO of the following and analyze their impact on colonial North American development between 1620 and 1776.

  • Puritanism
  • The Enlightenment
  • The First Great Awakening



  2. Thesis. Your thesis should clearly identify similarities versus differences, preferably in two separate sentences or two separate clauses within a sentence divided by a clear “however” or “but” etc. You should try for three similarities and three differences, preferably related. The differences ideally qualify the similarities.

  3. Body Paragraphs. Each body paragraph should start by arguing a similarity qualified by a difference. Follow with an explanation of what LED TO/CAUSED the similarity or the difference. Finish with three or more supporting details (facts, vocab words) and explain how they support the topic.

  4. Do not forget to conclude your essay. This is a good place to try to restate your thesis to ensure that you get the point in at least one of the two possible places.

Suggested Overall Composition

Each Body Paragraph’s Composition

  1. Thesis

  2. Body Paragraph 1- Similarity

  3. Body Paragraph 2- Difference

  4. Body Paragraph 3- Sim or Diff

  5. Conclusion



  1. Topic sentence arguing sims versus diffs for the aspect you are comparing in the paragraph

  2. Explanation of what LED TO/CAUSED the sims or diffs

  3. Evidence 1 (with explanation of how it supports topic sentence)

  4. Evidence 2 (with explanation of how it supports topic sentence)

  5. Evidence 3 (with explanation of how it supports topic sentence)


When done, check out the scoring notes and grade yourself.