History Podcast Episodes

Good day! I am starting to put together some episodes for a podcast that I'll be doing next semester. I intend to use these to supplement the learning my AP students do, as our school moved to a 4x4 block and crunching the whole textbook into the length of a semester is going to require some additional support. Here are two recordings that I've done this week to supplement my 11th US History (not AP - that starts in January). You're welcome to listen. I hope you enjoy.

Please keep in mind that these are in no way intended to replace research or do anything but supplement the other things happening in class. These are not meant to be a total capture of the whole event in each episode, nor do I think I'm capable of covering absolutely everything. Just a good faith attempt to provide some study resources.

Proper podcast feeds will be up and running by January that you can subscribe to. For now, just the episodes.

The Korean War The Vietnam War
Korean War Podcast Episode Cover


Vietnam War Podcast Episode Cover