All of my classes will be updated here throughout the course of the school closure.



Here is a message for all of my students. AP students will receive their own videos with more specific guidance as I'm able to make them.

Please watch.


The AP Exam will now cover units 1-3.

The exam will occur on 5/11 at 12pm (Alaska Time)

Your Policy Forum projects will still be presented, but we will be doing so via a video conference. I've received feedback from you and am making a plan. More details next week.


The AP Exam will now cover units 1-7.

The exam will occur on 5/15 at 10am (Alaska Time)

Your research essay will be reconsidered. We will have a Zoom video conference next week to discuss. Feel free to email me your input.

US History

Your essay is currently suspended and will be redesigned so that you didn't do all that research for nothing.

You have two weekly assignments that are posted on Canvas every week; one written response, and one discussion board to contribute to.

Check back for updates either here or Canvas.

AP General Information

This applies to both APGOV and APUSH.

Dates are now announced, and details are available on my AP Test Updates article

We have a 10AM Zoom meeting on Friday, 4/3 to discuss details and have Q&A. The link is posted in a Canvas announcement.

Free AP Review Sessions on YouTube Live

College Board has free sessions that you can view for every course. Currently, they are doing subjects that won't technically be tested (Unit 8 for APUSH and Unit 5 for APGOV), but that will likely change.