Templates for Essays

Here are some downloadable/importable templates for your history papers. Ensure that you are using the correct file format for your teacher's requirements.

If you are consulting another reference, The Purdue OWL is considered official for SoHi's Department of History. Your instructor can override any part of it.

Ensure that you rename these files and replace placeholder text with what your instructor requires. Additionally, make sure that a template for your use has not already been provided. Use what you're given first. These are a backup.

Chicago (17th Edition)/Turabian Format

Microsoft Word

Google Docs

 These are Word files converted from the Google Docs to the right for consistency's sake. They are technically templates, which means once you have them on your computer, every time you double-click the template (or selected it from New -> Personal Templates), a new clean file will be made and you won't be overwriting the template.

When viewing one of these, go to File -> Make a Copy, and add it to your Google Drive so that you can edit it. Get a fresh template each time so that you aren't overwriting your work accidentally.