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The 1920s

The 1920's

It wasn't all fun and games...


Lenin, 1917

America, like a few other nations, has become characteristic for the depth of the abyss that divides a handful of brutal millionaires who are stagnating in a mire of luxury, and millions of laboring starving men and women who are always staring want in the face.

- Lenin, 1918

Labor Unions

Americans don't like the sound of any of this.

US Government Response:


Cosa Nostra → Italian Mafia

As some Italians flee Mussolini's crime crackdown, they bring their traditional trade. Women excluded.

The Sicilian Mafia, practicing since 1812!

Rise of Capone

This sort of crime continues until Prohibition's repeal, and the FBI's focus on organized crime.

(Capone eventually dies of neurosyphilis in 1947.)

Racism & Xenophobia

Chicago Race Riots

Blacks vs. Whites in Chicago

African Americans:

Except not.



Now, the KKK is broken up into small chapters all over the country.


African Americans depicted as lazy, dim, easily entertained.

To sum up:

Despite women's suffrage, unparalleled American prosperity, and seemingly limitless amounts of fun, 1920s America had serious problems.

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