Hi. I'm Mr. Erfurth.

I teach history classes at Soldotna High School in Alaska. There are some things here on this website to help students with those history classes. I hope it's all quite useful.

This website is the culmination of a series of personal projects relating to my work as a teacher, but were independently developed by me in my free time. It is intended to be a storehouse of useful resources for students and teachers alike, but there are far more thorough ones out there and I know it. No matter how much is or is not here, consider it a work in progress.

Thanks for your visit. Let me know if you want to use something I've put up here (see the licensing info - it's very permissive). I'll put more up here if I see fit to tell you more about myself, but frankly, that's not why anyone is really here.

Happy learning!

Mr. Erfurth, M.Ed


Random stuff about me



Erfurth Photographic - my photography website.

I used to do a ton of photography. I used to photograph weddings, senior portraits, families, that sort of thing, and additionally did a couple of unique projects like Lady Gray.

A shot of "the gangster" from our Lady Gray project.
A shot of "the gangster" from our Lady Gray project.

You can find my current photography on Instagram - @nerfurth.


Far North Education

Far North EducationI'm currently working on a fairly large programming project that intends to provide a new tool that integrates several of the tools that we use every day to get our work done in education. In particular, I'm combining a Course Management System, a Student Information System, and a few administrative functions together in a program called Iceberg. You can learn more about it at FarNorthEducation.com (when the website is available - I'm still working on all of the coding).