AP Project: Soldotna High Policy Forum


SoHi Policy Forum

Since the redesign, AP now requires a significant project that involved political science research and/or applied civics.

Our class will be hosting the first ever Soldotna High Policy Forum on April 1, 2021.

See the Policy Forum page for event details and for the program. It will be filled out at we complete the project.


Students will each produce one research paper (2000+ words in length, Chicago formatted and properly cited - see the History Handbook for assistance with this) that both discusses current views and understandings of a domestic, economic, or foreign policy issue, and advances a research-based position on that policy.

Students will synthesize their paper into a 5-10 slide presentation.

A SoHi Policy Forum will be held on April 1st, 2020. Students will give their presentations on the stage and will field questions from a panel of students that both agree and disagree with the position advanced. If time permits, audience questions will also be permitted. All students and staff are welcome to attend. Thirty minutes will be allotted to each presentation. Copies of the paper will be available for attendee perusal.

Presenters will be expected to dress up, speak professionally, and be fully prepared both for their own presentations and the questions from their panel members.

Topic Selection:

Your presentation must be about policy in the United States at the federal or state levels. Categories include domestic policy, economic policy, and foreign/military policy.

Due Dates:

  1. Paper Rough Draft (50) - 2/28
  2. Presentation Description for the Program  (10) - 3/4
  3. Assemble Presentation Panel (10) - 3/17
  4. Paper Final Draft (100) - 4/4
  5. Presentation for Forum (50) - 4/5
  6. Forum Presentation Final Grade (100) - 4/6

Rubrics for all of these assignments will be available on Canvas.