Period 9: 1980-Present

Key Concepts

Key Concept 9.1 — A newly ascendant conservative movement achieved several political and policy goals during the 1980s and continued to strongly influence public discourse in the following decades.

Key Concept 9.2 — Moving into the 21st century, the nation experienced significant technological, economic, and demographic changes.

Key Concept 9.3 — The end of the Cold War and new challenges to U.S. leadership forced the nation to redefine its foreign policy and role in the world.

Must-Know Review Terms List

List of Factual Content for the APUSH Test (Revised 2017)

  • New Conservativism
  • Election of 1980
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Deregulation
  • End of Cold War
  • Internet
  • Climate change
  • 9/11 and the War on Terror

Factual Content Quizlet for Period 9

Study Resources

9/11 remembrance photo used for Unit 9 tile by Dennis Leung.