Unit 1: Prehistory - 600 BCE

Note: This page and all of the pages listed below are part of a curriculum that has been drastically modified by the College Board. The information here is still good (it is history, after all), but the new AP Curriculum has removed everything before 1200 CE. As I do not currently teach this course, the units and key concepts here have not been updated.

Unit 1

Unit one is a very, very broad look at the foundations of what we call human history. Prehistory simply means everything that occurred before we had written documents, and therefore studies of this period borrow heavily from other social studies like archaeology, anthropology, and to some extent sociology and psychology.

For a week and a half, we will first study the several thousand years of technological advancement and cultural development that put humanity in a position to form civilizations.

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Key Concepts

Key Concept 1.1 Throughout the Paleolithic era, humans developed sophisticated technologies and adapted to different geographical environments as they migrated from Africa to Eurasia, Australasia, and the Americas.

Key Concept 1.2 Beginning about 10,000 years ago, some human communities adopted sedentism and agriculture, while others pursued hunter-forager or pastoralist lifestyles—different pathways that had significant social and demographic ramifications.

Key Concept 1.3 The appearance of the first urban societies 5,000 years ago laid the foundations for the development of complex civilizations; these civilizations shared several significant social, political, and economic characteristics.

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Religious/Philosophical Texts

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