Unit 6: 1900 CE - Present

Note: This page and all of the pages listed below are part of a curriculum that has been drastically modified by the College Board. The information here is still good (it is history, after all), but the new AP Curriculum has removed everything before 1200 CE. As I do not currently teach this course, the units and key concepts here have not been updated.

Unit 6

Key Concepts

Key Concept 6.1 — Rapid advances in science and technology altered the understanding of the universe and the natural world and led to advances in communication, transportation, industry, agriculture, and medicine.

Key Concept 6.2 — Peoples and states around the world challenged the existing political and social order in varying ways, leading to unprecedented worldwide conflicts.

Key Concept 6.3 — The role of the state in the domestic economy varied, and new institutions of global association emerged and continued to develop throughout the century.

Additional Reading

  • 1. For an article about modern propaganda in nations in Russian orbit, see this article by rand.org, which details both traditional and social media strategies.