Unit R: Review

Note: This page and all of the pages listed below are part of a curriculum that has been drastically modified by the College Board. The information here is still good (it is history, after all), but the new AP Curriculum has removed everything before 1200 CE. As I do not currently teach this course, the units and key concepts here have not been updated.

Review Unit

Your Review Materials

Remember, you've been making review materials all year. Your notes, your packets, your recordings, and anything else that you've made for your chapter reviews are all great resources. Organize them and use them.

Your timeline! You've worked on an epic timeline all year long. Time to use it to study!

Presentations on Canvas! If you're looking for materials directly aligned with the book, take a look through the presentations that we have variously used and not used for the book. They're posted under files on Canvas. Do not share these - they are copyright protected and they are the property of Pearson. 

AP Review Websites

Freemanpedia - THIS IS AN AMAZING RESOURCE. An AP World History teacher who has put together the definitive guide on what you need for the AP test. Live here.

On Top of the World History Podcast - History. Podcast. That's all you need to know.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - This is some solid gold podcasting. If you're awake and you aren't listening to something else, you need to be listening to a Dan Carlin episode.

The Ultimate AP World Quizlet - If you're not busy, do this.

Boarding Pass to AP Study Week

Useful Tools

If you would like to start obsessing over what you need to score on the exam to get at least a three, take a look at this Albert.io score calculator.

APWH: Period 1 Playlist

Contains Crash Course, videos and reviews by other teachers, and other interesting things relating to Period 1.