"History is boring."

Machu Picchu

You are wrong.

History is life. It's the cumulative story of a species that can wield pure imagination against reality and, on occasion, win. It is the sum of the human experience, the grave tragedy and the euphoric victory of living on the thin crust of this Earth. History is the words and thoughts of every person since the first tick of time. 

No, we don't have the whole story yet. No, we don't know every little detail. But millions of people are putting it together as they make their own histories every single day.

How can you be bored?


Hagia Sophia will become a mosque again

The Hagia Sophia

According to Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Edogan, the Hagia Sophia will not remain a neutral historical site. Instead, it will be converted back into a mosque. This is a pretty important development in world history, should it actually occur. There's a chance it's political maneuvering as elections in Turkey come near, but it's a good reminder that even ancient cathedrals are still living historical artifacts today.