AP World History

Hagia Sophia will become a mosque again

The Hagia Sophia

According to Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Edogan, the Hagia Sophia will not remain a neutral historical site. Instead, it will be converted back into a mosque. This is a pretty important development in world history, should it actually occur. There's a chance it's political maneuvering as elections in Turkey come near, but it's a good reminder that even ancient cathedrals are still living historical artifacts today.

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The Spread of Islam in Africa

Screenshot of Time Maps.

In AP World, we had some trouble this week understanding the geographic organization of the African kingdoms and the influence of Islam. Take a look at the Time Maps: Map of Africa at 1215 for some context. You can back it up to 900 as well for comparison, and if you go forward on that timeline to the 1450s, you can see how the Islamic entities broke down in Northwest Africa and expanded in the East.