Jazz Radio Show

A Good Year for Jazz, Monday nights at 7pm

Note: Since the coronavirus pandemic started, my show has been on hiatus. If it comes back, I'll continue to update the playlists below.

In addition to everything else, I host a radio show on public radio featuring jazz from a specific year each week. On Monday nights, come listen on kdll.org or, if you're in the Kenai/Soldotna area, on 91.9 FM.

Below, you can find a timeline of all of the shows I've put together so far, and you can listen to those playlists if you have Spotify.

The restrictions on what recording I play for any given song on any given night are pretty loose, as this is a volunteer gig for fun. Thus, I may play a 2009 remastered version of something on a 1942 show. I choose the top songs for each year by combing through old Billboard magazines and several other websites, and will include everything from most played on jukeboxes to new record sales to most requested by listeners to radio stations. Each night I also include some history, both events in the US and some global events, and also some jazz specific history if I have time to put it together.

Enjoy, and feel free to send me feedback if you have it.

A Good Year for Jazz Timeline