Online Learning Expectations

My online classroom runs similarly to my in-person classroom. To enable us to learn in an online environment, we must observe these expectations:

  1. Be respectful.
    • Allow others to finish speaking before jumping in.
    • Understand that others have differing viewpoints from you.
    • Discuss, do not argue.
    • Do not leave class early if you feel like you're done or if you don't like something. Come every day, stay every day.
  2. Appear professional.
    • Everything you do and say in an online setting must be school appropriate. Remember, this is school, not a group video chat with your friends.
    • Make every possible effort to appear on-screen as if you were in class. Cameras are required for class.1
    • Do your best to have a clean and presentable environment in which you can learn.2
    • Set a professional and representative profile picture of yourself for your Zoom account that displays if your camera is not on.
  3. Be engaged.
    • I will randomly call on students, so be prepared to answer questions. Sometimes these questions will be tied to participation points.
    • Unless absolutely necessary, do not leave the computer while we are in class unless we are taking a break. I set breaks for bathroom, snacks, etc. as needed. If you must leave for some reason (e.g., something happens at your house that you need to attend to), send me a private message to let me know.
    • Remain attentive.
  4. Meet at the beginning of class each day for expectations, updates, and discussion.
  5. Accountability matters.
    • I will balance workload as much as possible, but you are still expected to complete work and show evidence of your learning.
    • You are responsible for staying on top of your work.
    • Communicate with me. I will do my best to work with your situation.
      • Don't take advantage of this.
  6. Be flexible.
    • Sometimes I will have technical difficulties, and sometimes you will have them. Have some grace with others as we all figure this out together.
  7. Ask questions.
    • If you are unclear about something, get a hold of me. I also hold office hours throughout the week, and you may make an appointment to talk with me if you need to.
  8. If you are struggling, let me know.
    • Normally, I would be able to see a lot of this in person, and adjust or respond in the best way possible. If life is getting you down, and if you are struggling, tell me. I'm here to help, and I'm here to listen.
  • 1. If you do not have a device that has a functioning camera you can borrow one from the school, and if you have internet connectivity issues, discuss them with me.
  • 2. Please talk with me if you have circumstances that make this difficult or impossible.