SoHi Policy Forum

SoHi Policy Forum

Soldotna High School, for the first time in 2021, will host a policy forum where students will present on domestic, economic, and foreign policy issues. They will explain the current state of the issue, reigning political views, and they will present their conclusions as backed by research.

Forum topics will be published a month before the conference to allow attendees to determine which sessions they would like to see.

All topics and positions are entirely chosen by the students themselves.

Each presentation will be given to a panel of four other students from the same class in front of an audience of peers. Panels are composed of two students who agree with the presenter's position, and two that oppose it. Each panelist is tasked with asking pointed questions that presenters will have to answer in front of the audience.

If time permits, audience participation will follow, with questions from the audience for the presenter or the panelists. This will occur during the school day to allow for maximum opportunity to attend and participate by the student body.

Any questions should be directed to Mr. Erfurth at

Forum details will be posted on this page in the weeks to come, as the event comes together.

At current, details are as follows:

  • Will occur in early-mid April on Zoom
  • All students are welcome to attend as schedule permits
  • Students from Mr. E's AP Government & Politics class will present and act as panelists; recommended students from other government classes will also be accepted

 If you're a student looking for the assignment, you can find it here.


I will be sending out invitations to legislators and others active in the public policy arena to speak during various times of the day. Please seriously consider joining us! As this is a policy forum, discussion of participation in our democracy is welcome and encouraged, but so is frank discussion of policy, outcomes, and process at whatever level you work. Please have your RSVP confirmed by 3/26/21 so that we can get excited about listening and schedules can be prepared. Thank you for your consideration and time.